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Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course cover with pink flower

Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course

An asynchronous (recorded) 10-hour online course that you can take any time.

Modeled after this visionary peacemaker's nine-day international intensive retreats, The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course invites you to join Marshall Rosenberg himself to learn the essentials of NVC—a set of skills you will learn to successfully apply whether you're in the office, at the dinner table, or engaging members of your community—any time you want to honor "what is alive" in yourself and others.

A 9-Part Interactive Workshop to Transform Your Relationships

Our words have the power to create profound healing—or incredible suffering—yet even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to express yourself in ways that build harmony and trust. For more than 40 years, Marshall Rosenberg has helped people peacefully resolve conflicts in families, schools, businesses, and governments in 30 countries on 5 continents. Now, you can join this renowned teacher and discover a proven method for reaching accord, even in seemingly "impossible" situations.

With The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course, you will receive:

  • More than 10 hours of immersive instruction in NVC, including nine audio sessions with Marshall Rosenberg and a video Q&A session with certified instructor John Kinyon
  • An in-depth online workbook with practical exercises to strengthen your ability to use Nonviolent Communication "in the field"  
  • An Invitation to Connect with Peace, Empathy, and Integrity
  • Marshall Rosenberg teaches that it is our nature to enjoy giving and receiving in a compassionate and loving manner.

Whether you're just getting started or already fluent in Nonviolent Communication, here is the definitive resource for using this life-saving approach to connect with others with empathy, integrity, and peace. Portions excerpted from the Nonviolent Communication Training Course.

What You'll Experience with The Nonviolent Communication Online Training Course

  1. SESSION 1: Origins of Nonviolent Communication The purpose of NVC Understanding the skills necessary to live compassionately An overview of the NVC process Developing a language of compassion  
  2. SESSION 2: Applying NVC within Ourselves The "Four Friends" that alert us to when we are not acting from a place of compassion: anger, depression, guilt, and shame Transforming our language of violence The pitfalls of self-judgment Exercises to practice self-empathy  
  3. SESSION 3: A Radically Different Kind of Honesty Differentiating observations from evaluations Learning how to identify our needs The practice of making clear requests  
  4. SESSION 4: Empathically Connecting with Others Developing the skill to differentiate between receiving information empathically versus non-empathically Behaviors that prevent us from being present to another person's needs and feelings Understanding what to do when others judge your actions  
  5. SESSION 5: Meeting Our Needs in Intimate Relationships Love as a need, not just a feeling Differentiating requests from demands Learning to say no Communicating about sexuality  
  6. SESSION 6: Experiencing and Exercising Authority Understanding different authority structures Respect for authority versus fear of authority Standing up to authority Saying no to authority exercise Issues addressing the authority relationship involving children  
  7. SESSION 7: Healing, Mediation, and Reconciliation Helping people heal with NVC How empathy supports healing Healing and reconciliation exercises Learning how to have empathy for people who are angry An exercise designed to help open communication channels  
  8. SESSION 8: How NVC Supports Social Change Transforming dominating structures Making requests in powerful ways The protective use of force  
  9. SESSION 9: Living Compassionately with Celebration and Gratitude Differentiating gratitude from praise and compliments Celebrating the power we have to enrich life Learning to whole-heartedly receive gratitude

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