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Nonviolent Communication Book of Quotes, front cover

NVC Book of Quotes

“This extraordinary book encapsulates the wisdom from a humble guru, a man so wise that he presented himself off the pedestal, never needed to feel above anyone or anything, and who gave the world an invaluable, precious gem called NVC.”
~ Alan Rafael Seid, CNVC certified trainer and founder of Kalapa, a school for Changemakers

A comprehensive collection, the Nonviolent Communication Book of Quotes by NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg draws not only from other books and interviews, but also from the internet and previously unpublished workshops.

It illuminates his revolutionary 4-part Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process and shows the myriad ways NVC makes life more wonderful through the joy of compassionate giving.

This essential compilation invites us to transform our lives, our work, our world. Read an excerpt.

NVC book of quotes, back cover

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