Join CNVC in Spreading the Transformative Impact of NVC around the Globe - Become a Supporting Member

Join the international movement to help CNVC resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively in personal, organizational, and political settings.

For the first time in our organization's 38-year history, you can become an official member of the Center for Nonviolent Communication and join us to create a world where everyone's needs matter, and people have the tools to respond to conflicts skillfully and peacefully.

Become a Supporting Member and join our international movement

Supporting members join a community of like-minded people who are part of the growing worldwide movement applying Nonviolent Communication in the world! They also get invited to a free, online annual gathering, access to a members-only video library, receive discounts on trainings, and provide input into CNVC's future.

Join today by making an annual contribution adjusted to your annual household income (convert to your currency).


Benefits of becoming a Supporting Member

You qualify for most benefits immediately, and others 6 months after joining.

A. Immediately upon joining:

  1. Access the Members-only video library
  2. Provide input into the future of our organization
  3. Official recognition on our website (unless you prefer to remain anonymous)
  4. Attend a free, online annual membership event

B. After 6 months of membership:

  1. 10% discount for tuition* part of International Intensive Training programs (IITs and VITs) [*discount does not apply to accommodation/food part]
  2. Priority consideration for financial assistance on International Intensive Training programs (IITs and VITs)

Voting Roles

CNVC has two types of members as described in our bylaws:

  1. Voting Members: Certified Trainers, members of the Board of Directors, and staff members have the ability to vote in Board Elections and other decisions.
  2. Non-Voting Members: All other members are officially “Supporting Members” and do not have the ability to vote in Board Elections and other decisions, but have all of the other benefits of membership as described above. If you are not a Voting Member as described above, you can become a Supporting Member.

Membership Fee

We want to make membership equitable and accessible to everyone, regardless of your economic system or your personal financial resources.

Therefore, we ask members to make a quarterly (every 3 months) contribution which equates to an annual financial contribution of 0.1% of your total household income.

For example, if 0.1% of your annual household income is $50, consider contributing $12.5 per quarter.

See the table below for examples then go to the signup page.

Currency Location Annual Household Income 0.1% equivalent Quarterly Membership Fee
USD United States $50,000 $50 $12.5
BRL Brazil 100.000 R$ 100 R$ 25 R$
EUR most of Europe 50,000€ 50€ 12.5€
KES Kenya 2.000.000 KSh 2.000 KSh 500 KSh
GBP United Kingdom £50,000 £50 £12.5
INR India रु1.000.000 रु1.000 रु250
JPY Japan 5,000,000¥ 5,000¥ 1,250¥
AUD Australia A$70,000 A$70 A$17.5
CNY China 元/¥ 325,000 元/¥ 325 元/¥ 81.25
KRW South Korea ₩60,000,000 ₩60,000 ₩15,000