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Speak Peace in a World of Conflict, book cover

Speak Peace in a World of Conflict

What You Say Next Will Change Your World

Techniques to align speech with the goals and desires of the soul

Words have the power to create profound healing—or incredible suffering—and yet even with the best intentions it can be difficult to build harmony and trust through speech. This pioneering text presents a four-part model for immediately connecting words with peace and well-being in relationships. This book seeks to answer two central questions:

  1. How can we express what's alive in us?
  2. How can we make life more wonderful?

Chapters discuss using natural empathy to ease stressful situations and beat fear, thus avoiding dehumanizing communication patterns, and instead seeing through the eyes of others to foster understanding. Examples of applications in education, correctional facilities, parenting, and the business world are given. This instructive guide teaches users of all types that it is possible to meet their needs and the needs of others in a compassionate manner, beginning with the very first words they use.

Speak Peace in a World of Conflict, back cover

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