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Monika Panas portrait

Monika Panas

Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mediator ICF PCC
United States
Speaks English, German, Polish
Certified Trainer since 2021
"For me, NVC is a very practical and universal approach that brings a new quality of skillful navigating through the complexity of relationships and challenges in families, communities, teams and organizations."

Monika Panas
is an ICF professional certified coach specializing in leadership, collaboration, and effective interpersonal communication, and an author of publications on leadership, coaching, and self-development.

She is a former senior corporate leader and a management board member with experience in international and multicultural business environments. As a global leadership coach, she ran development programs with managers and teams worldwide. She implemented various structural and organizational changes with a broad impact on operations and staff, managed teams and projects remotely, and learned from many collaboration challenges along the way. She has supported both public and private organizations in developing a culture of shared power that grows out of collaboration and builds bridges within groups and across differences.

Monica understands interconnectedness and interdependence in the client’s system (it can be the system of their family, community, team or organization). Her systemic perspective helps clients to perceive the complexity of matters in a new way and to find solutions that accommodate the client’s entire system. Monica helps clients quickly identify what is important to focus on to shift their skills and capabilities to the next level. She supports clients to manage change and to stay in flow with continuous adaptation.

Her clients have found her coaching support invaluable as they navigate complex work relationships and connection across various social and cultural identities to build collaborative and engaged teams. She also supports individuals, couples, and families in navigating their challenges towards more peace, ease, and connection.

Monica’s clients feel seen, heard, and respected for exactly who they are. She guides them to release old patterns as well as to build new habits that create lasting change in their lives and impact. She also facilitates purposeful actions that lead clients towards their goals with more lightness and enjoyment.

For more than fifteen years, with passion and integrity, she's been supporting others in their personal and professional growth. She works virtually with individuals and groups worldwide.

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