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Magdalena Malinowska-Berggren portrait

Magdalena Malinowska-Berggren

Trainer | Facilitator | Needs-Based Coach
Efficient communication is possible
Speaks English, Polish
Certified Trainer since 2020
"I dream about transforming the world into a more peaceful and joyful place in which we can be authentic and open to diversity and live our values also at the workplace."

I support people in creating satisfying life and relations (personal and professional) through individual training and group workshops deepening communication skills. I help in implementing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in companies, non-governmental organisations and at home.

My work is based not only on NVC created by Marshall B. Rosenberg but also on informal learning methods and on the Coaching for Transformation approach. For 10 years, I worked for the Polish National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme where I was responsible for creating a training strategy for the development of the quality of youth work in Europe and coordinating the work of the Trainers' Pool consisting of 20-24 trainers. I have a master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Psychology.

I got to know Nonviolent Communication in 2010 and have been delivering workshops since 2013. I founded Empathic Way and Empathic Way Europe, through which I promote NVC and share how to express yourself clearly and honestly and how to listen to others with respect and empathy.

On Empathic Way Europe’s online platform, you can find many interesting resources that can deepen your understanding of interpersonal communication and help you in being a more efficient leader. There are PDFs, videos, and online courses. Besides, every year in March we organize an online NVC conference “Time for Empathy” during which trainers from the whole world offer NVC workshops and lectures for free. Visit and and join the newsletters to stay in contact.


“I turned to Magda with two issues. Within a few minutes, Magda gave me support and created a friendly, safe atmosphere, thanks to which I could delve into my emotions and understand them better, at the same time she easily jumped to theoretical topics when I asked nagging questions about NVC itself. Only an hour - and a lot has been explained. I highly recommend individual sessions with Magda.”

~ Małgorzata Gutowska-Sulik, participant of individual sessions

“Nonviolent Communication is a no-return road for me – as if I were illiterate and someone had taught me to read. When I got to know NVC, it seemed too difficult, completely out of reach, like symbols in a foreign language. But just like learning a language, it's not enough to read a textbook, you have to practice it. Meetings conducted by Magda provide such exercises. And only they gave me the opportunity to apply NVC in my life.”

~ Krzysztof Wieckowski, participant of the empathy group

“I was at Magda's weekend workshop. What she showed there opened my eyes to how people react to different messages. I started using it and it really works! However, after some time, I realized that it is not only about others but to a large extent about myself. After an individual session with Magda, I managed to find out what I was missing in my relationship with myself. Thank you for helping me improve my functioning among others. I highly recommend this self-guided tour to everyone!”

~ Kasia D., participant of the introductory NVC workshop

“Do you know that I've only been able to make requests for a year? For 40 years I thought that I am not supposed to ask anyone for anything. Now I know how to ask and I do that, which means I'm out of my comfort zone. People are wonderful :)). Sessions with you last year changed my life :).”

~ Anna S., participant of individual sessions

“Despite knowing the theory, I couldn't quite put it into practice. Magda very vividly explained to me the process of the four steps of NVC. My need for understanding has been satisfied :). I highly recommend working with Magda. Thank you for your help.”

~ Iwona, participant of individual sessions

“My mission is to support people in building empathic, authentic and harmonious professional and private relationships.”

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