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Kathy Ziola portrait

Kathy Ziola

MA Agency Counseling, Marriage & Family Emphasis. BS Human Development & Family Studies
Creating Real Connections
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2009
"With all my training as a therapist, facilitator, and healer, I consider NVC to be the missing link. It gives us access to compassionate consciousness and a powerful set of skills that helps us live our deepest values from the inside out in all our interactions. Its versatility allows us to use it in a wide variety of settings from the workplace to home, social justice to peacemaking, intimate partnerships to spiritual awakening. My experience is that we can meet each other more fully and kindly wherever we are on this human journey using NVC."

It is my privilege to facilitate a world of peaceful and compassionate relationships by sharing Nonviolent Communication. Through this work, I inspire and teach people to be fully present to life and to one another with respect, care, openheartedness, and authenticity in all arenas of living.

Through NVC more human beings live congruently with our highest values and purest desires. It is my mission to offer a clear and progressive path of learning Nonviolent Communication to as many people as possible. I deliver high-quality training and coaching at all levels and to those wanting to facilitate and teach NVC. I facilitate ongoing opportunities for NVC education and support. And I enjoy creating meaningful and fun social interactions based on living NVC.

It has been my passion to share NVC with a wide variety of organizations and individuals in many settings since 2005. I love working with developing facilitators and training trainers. I have been running a 9-month immersion and trainer development program since 2010 and am offering trainer training as well. I am grateful to be part of the expanding ripple effect.

My training as a therapist, human development professional, healer, and  personal growth facilitator has been a powerful complement to my work as an NVC trainer. I offer coaching, mentoring, and training using NVC as the foundation.

“It is my purpose to offer a clear and progressive path of learning Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent Communication to as many people as possible creating a ripple effect of compassion, peaceful communication, and real connections that nourish humanity and life itself. I am excited to meet you in your passion for creating better relationships, transforming work cultures, and living compassion in daily interactions and relationships.”

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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Education
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
Let's come together to share the journey of self-discovery and authentic relating that builds harmony and deep satisfaction.
“I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and support you, your organization, business, group, family, in learning this way of thinking, being and relating. Please do reach out to me with your questions or requests. I am happy to talk with you. Warmly, Kathy”

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