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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

Compassionate Communication Foundations Level I

Your live and interactive course to get grounded in NVC consciousness and skills.

By: Kathy Ziola

AUDIENCE: beginner

Wednesday, May 08, 2024 6:00 PM —
Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024 8:00 PM
United States
Timezone: America/Denver
Do You Relate to the Following? ~Sleepless nights thinking about conflict or how to talk about an issue? ~Sad because you can’t connect the way you want with people you love? ~Frustrated because you stimulate defensiveness in others? ~Stress and burnout at work due to built up resentments and miscommunications? ~Trouble knowing how to respond to blame or intense emotions in others? ~Longing for confidence in having difficult conversations? ~Feeling stifled not know how to ask for what you want? Would You Rather ~ *Express with clarity & ease? *Communicate with peace? *Create win/win outcomes from conflict? *Effectively deal with emotions? *Deepen your relationships? *Speak up with confidence in any interaction? Then Compassionate Communication Foundations Training is for You Based on the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg,PhD. in Nonviolent Communication, Compassionate Communication, this training offers a new model of relating that will help you have open, honest and effective communication from the heart. Skills will be built through interactive exercises throughout the training. Following each class, practices and preparations will be sent to you for the week. Sessions will be recorded for your personal review only. Use what you learn this course to create win/win situations in any area of life: • Business management • Team building • Helping Professions • Intimate relationships • Parenting • Community relations • Public education • Conflict mediation A powerful and experiential 8-week course learning Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Kathy Ziola, CNVC Certified Trainer. Learn to create relationships based on empathy and honesty as you build skills and consciousness with the foundations of NVC. Each two hour session will provide connection, information and discussion, practice exercises with coaching in breakout sessions, and sharing insights, learning, and questions. Dates: Wednesdays May 18 - June 26, 2024, 6-8pm MDT/Colorado Course Content Session 1 ~ Getting Going. Principles and Assumptions of the model Session 2 ~ The Components of Connection Session 3 ~ Honest Expression Session 4 ~ Deepening Understanding of Human Needs Session 5 ~ Self-empathy/Self-Connection Session 6 ~ Deep Listening and Empathic Responding Session 7 ~ Expressing with Compassion and Authenticity Session 8 ~ Introduction to NVC Dialogue Who is it for? People new to Nonviolent Communication or who have participated in an introductory workshop. Those wanting to review or renew their foundational training. Student Success: “Kathy’s NVC course has truly helped me to understand myself more and move forward in my life with self-love, curiosity and faith. I have processed a lot of trauma from my past but didn’t have the knowledge and clarity of knowing the need. Knowing and feeling the need (and sometimes the lack) within, has led to big openings and to life bringing those needs to me as I walk towards them. Truly magical, I imagine I’m breaking through the matrix and so willing for all of humanity to experience this!” - Genevieve Busch ________________________________ “I wanted to let you know how much I got out of the class we just completed on Tuesday. I am really understanding myself in new ways and can see a lot more clearly where things have "gone wrong" in my relationships. I love that I'm developing tangible skills to connect with others the way I've always wanted to. I'm using my new skills in my work as a relationship & life coach and it's hugely helpful! I also wanted to let you know that I just had a difficult conversation with my Mom and am extremely pleased with how it went. We had several really hard conversations a few weeks ago, and after our last session I realized I wanted to circle back with her so we could understand each other better/clear the air, because I do really value communication, connection, and our relationship. I spent a few minutes preparing according to the materials we went over on Tuesday and then just let the conversation flow. It was really one of the best conversations I've ever had with my Mom. I'm extremely grateful to you for showing me the way to do this!” - Adele Currin, RN, Transformational Relationship & Life Coach Your Facilitator Enjoy learning and practicing the skills and consciousness of Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent communication with CNVC Certified Trainer Kathy Ziola, MA. author of “Live Compassion,” Nonviolent Communication trainer, therapist, and communication coach. Kathy brings forty years of rich life experience, education, and professional skill as a trainer and transformation facilitator to support your learning. Kathy has been immersed in the practice and teaching of Nonviolent Communication since 2005. Her passion lies in authenticity, living with presence and compassion, and helping others do the same. With her many years of personal and professional experience, Kathy brings deep understanding and insight into human relationships and personal growth. Kathy is also an avid poet and often incorporates her original works into her workshops, adding inspiration and humor. She finds joy and rejuvenation in nature, and living in Colorado for most of her life has allowed her to embrace outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, and cross-country skiing.


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I look forward to supporting you in learning the "how to" of living compassion and peace in all your relationships with honesty, empathy, and self-compassion.