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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

"Live Compassion" Community Program

Year-long support program with the book "Live Compassion"

By: Kathy Ziola

AUDIENCE: beginner

Saturday, Feb 10, 2024 10:00 AM —
Friday, Jan 31, 2025 2:00 PM
United States
Recurring event
Timezone: America/Denver

"Hi there! Are you ready to dive into a transformative journey with us? We get it; the path to personal growth can feel lonely sometimes. But imagine this: you're not alone anymore. You've got a community that's ready to support, inspire, and grow with you. Welcome to 365 days of integrating Nonviolent Communication based on the book "Live Compassion, Your Daily Guidebook to Integrating Nonviolent Communication." Now, let's talk about why this journey might be just what you're looking for." 

Do you relate to the following?

1. **Isolation or Lack of Support:**

   "You know that feeling of trying to navigate personal growth solo? It can be isolating. But with us, you're never alone. Twenty four community calls and private Facebook group are your companions on this journey, offering support, inspiration, and a place to share your unique insights and challenges."

2. **Difficulty Applying NVC in Real Life:**

   "Ever find it tough to put Nonviolent Communication principles into action when life throws curveballs? I get it. That's why live workshops are here to guide you through real-life scenarios, transforming triggers, pain, and judgment into opportunities for growth and understanding."

3. **Inconsistent Practice:**

   "We all know consistency is key, but life gets busy. With the structured program, you get access to community calls, workshops, and a private Facebook group, providing a consistent space for you to practice and grow at your own pace."

4. **Limited Understanding of NVC Nuances:**

   "Understanding the subtleties of Nonviolent Communication can be tricky. But fear not! Our workshops delve deep into the nuances of self-empathy, honest expression, and empathy. We're here to guide you, ensuring you grasp these concepts with clarity."

Benefits of the program:

1. **Community and Companionship:**

   "Imagine being part of a vibrant community where your journey is celebrated, and your challenges are met with support. In our 24 community calls and private Facebook group, you'll find companionship, connection, and a tribe ready to cheer you on."

2. **Expert Guidance:**

   - "You're not just learning on your own. Our experienced trainers and coaches are here to guide you through the process. In community calls, workshops, and individual coaching sessions, you'll access expert guidance tailored to your unique journey."

3. **Structured Learning:**

   - "We get it; life is hectic. That's why we've structured our program with 24 community calls, four workshops, and individual coaching sessions. It's a consistent guide, ensuring you have a well-rounded approach to personal and interpersonal development using your NVC."

4. **Practical Application:**

   - "Theory is great, but you need to apply it, right? Our workshops provide practical guidance, role-playing, and live coaching opportunities so you can confidently apply Nonviolent Communication principles to real-life situations."

5. **Flexibility in Coaching Options:**

   - "Your journey is unique, and your coaching options should be too. With flexible coaching packages, you choose the support that fits your needs and preferences, making your experience truly personalized."

6. **Online Community Interaction:**

   - "Stay connected with our private Facebook group. Share your joys, discuss challenges, and practice living compassion with a community that understands and supports your journey."

"So, what do you say? Ready to transform from within, connect with a community that cares, and make compassion a way of life? Join us on this incredible journey! Check out the details below and become part of a community that's dedicated to your growth. We can't wait to welcome you into our circle. See you on the journey, where transformation begins within, and companionship expands our capacity for authenticity and compassion. Let's live compassion together!"

Program Elements

Community Calls –

24 calls - 36 hours of interactive calls to access the expertise of Kathy and her trained staff while you grow in skills, consciousness, and community!

Share insights, questions, coaching, short practice.   Companionship, support, inspiration, consistency, accountability, sharing your art, poetry, insights. 

Valued at $780 - Included in this program at $699

Community Call Dates:

February 10 Saturday 10am

February 21 Wednesday 12pm

March 10 Sunday 4pm

March 23 Saturday 9am

April 5 Friday 9am

April 17 Wednesday 12 pm

May 3 Friday 9am

May 19 Sunday 9am

June 4 Tuesday 1pm

June 27 Thursday 10am

July 8 Monday 6pm

July 24 Wednesday 12pm

August 9 Friday 9am

August 27 Tuesday 1pm

September 6 Friday 9am

September 22 Sunday 4pm

October 7 Monday 6pm

October 23 Wednesday 12pm

November 7 Thursday 1pm

November 24 Sunday 10am

December 9 Monday 6pm

December 29 Sunday 4pm

January 14 Tuesday 9am

January 31 Friday 12pm


Workshops - 4 Three-hour workshops. 

Deepen your learning with live, interactive workshops.

Valued at $380 - Included in this program at $320

Live compassion using Self-empathy – transform triggers, pain, judgment.
Live compassion using honest expression – bring clarity and compassion into your authentic expression through practice with coaching.
Live compassion using empathy – learn nuances of empathy, give and receive empathy with support.
Practice, Practice, Practice – Bring your challenges, use role plays, experience fish-bowl learning, demonstrations, and live coaching.

Workshop Dates

April 13 Saturday 9-12

July 13 Saturday 9-12

September 28 Saturday 9-12

December 14 Saturday 9-12

Individual Coaching

Private coaching sessions provide support for your personal process and practice with your unique situations throughout the year. Bring your challenges, explore, ask questions, allow me to facilitate your process, role play, and practice applying NVC to your interactions internally and with others.

Three Session Individual Coaching Package with program valued at $525 - Included in program at $450

Five Session Individual Coaching Package purchased with the program valued at $875 - Included in program at $750

Private Facebook Group

Interact with community participants. Share your celebrations, challenges, learnings and inspiration. Practice living compassion with one another through communication in the group. 

What Participants Say:

"There have been very few experiences in my life as profound and inspirational as my exposure to Nonviolent Communication. Simply put, through the practice of NVC and the consciousness I am able to cultivate, I show up in the world and move through the world as the person I want to be." Bob Mark, Human Services Director.

"I have always appreciated the way you’ve taught, valuing deep presence and authentic connection in the moment and offering practical ways of tapping into that." Zane Cook, Nine Month Program Participant 

"Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed to participate today. ❤

You are such an amazing coach ! and I am so looking forward to buying your book!" Hanne Halseth, Nutritionist

"The session today was such a wonderful reminder that emotions are gifts to be welcomed and indicators of something beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful moments of compassion today, Kathy!" Emily Schlesinger

“Kathy has a gift of presence that brings us home to "the heart of the matter" within ourselves and with our community. It is important to have passion and love for what we want to offer, but it is really an art to make that passion into a deliverable and palatable message to the world.” Maria Bailey

“I am grateful for the safe and supportive space Kathy made for me to explore my feelings and needs and arrive at new understanding and appreciation for myself. Through the acceptance of Kathy and our group I regained access to hope, trust, and my innocence. I can finally feel a connection between my head and my heart and taste real compassion for myself and others. It is a place of rich, deep peace and possibility. I can't say "Thank you!" enough.  Kathy's skill in teaching, living and modeling NVC is inspiring. She makes it look so easy, because she stays grounded in Presence, able to trust the unfolding of Wisdom through the process of NVC.  I could not have asked for any finer teacher to show the way to Compassionate Communication and connection with self and others!”

"Kathy has helped me to see things that I could not see on my own, both regarding my internal relationship with myself and my relationship with others.  Kathy is an open-hearted teacher and instructor, and she practices what she teaches, empathy, self-compassion, the beauty of our needs, all of it.  I love her presence.  She is a gift to all of us." Chris Vannote

Purchase your books today for you and your companions on the journey. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or order through any bookstore.

Choose the program option that fits best for you:

Option 1 - Community Calls Only - Valued at $780. Your investment  $699                                                                                              

Option 2 - Community Calls Plus Four Three-hour Workshops - Valued at $1,160. Your investment $1,019                                                                 

Option 3 - Community calls plus workshops and 3 private coaching sessions with Kathy - Valued at $1,685. Your investment  $1,469

Option 4 - Community calls plus workshops and 5 private coaching sessions with Kathy - Valued at $2,560. Your investment $1,769




  • Conflict Resolution
  • General
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
No need to journey alone! You are invited to join the community program to connect, learn, grow, and share in the support and inspiration as we work through 365 days of integrating Nonviolent Communication with the book "Live Compassion." Community calls, workshops, community connection, and private coaching options will support you throughout the year. Transformation begins within. Companionship expands and deepens our groundedness, integration, and capacity for authenticity and compassion.