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Jana Burger portrait

Jana Burger

Speaks English, Slovenian
Certified Trainer since 2018

Devoted to search for humanity and genuine, warm relationships. After communication studies in Slovenia and USA, Jana has been proceeding with intercultural education and theater pedagogics in Berlin, DE and since lives between “two homes”. Her work as facilitator and “exchanger” focuses on participatory art methods, thematically focused on feminism and intercultural dialog. As an NVC trainer, she is focused on working in educational fields.

In addition, she is devoted to work with Theatre of the Oppressed. She finds the deepest passion and freedom in dance (preferably she would jump back to the 30s somewhere in NY dance halls). She has been practicing NVC for years and is certified trainer since 2018. She is part of NVC Slovenia community. She was co-organising IIT in Slovenia in 2019.

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