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Manuela Murariu portrait

Manuela Murariu

BA in English and German studies, Yoga Instructor
Supporting Mutual Education in Schools
Speaks English, Romanian
Certified Trainer since 2022

My hope is that our children's children will no longer need NVC courses because they will have been practicing speaking and living from their heart with consideration for others in their families and in their schools.

I am a human being on the journey of life, passionate about discovering what brings meaning, happiness, and wonder to human existence. NVC has offered me supportive tools along my journey and helped me, on the one hand, to unlearn patterns of relating and communicating that have not served me anymore. On the other hand, it showed me ways of being with myself and others that fostered connection and well-being.

I became a Certified Trainer in NVC with the purpose of supporting teachers in education to bring more joy and sense to the children they teach and interact with within schools. In 2016, I co-founded a national private school in Timișoara, Romania, with the intention to set the foundations of an educational community in which all needs matter: the needs of children, teachers, non-academic staff members, and parents. It has been an amazing journey so far, with a lot of ups and downs that have shown me my limitations, my strengths, and my passion for working with children. The best part of my work in the school is living day to day the joy of being together with other adults to support children to live and learn together in a school community.

“My mission is to share NVC with teachers and members of school communities.”

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“If you are interested in how to bring NVC to school life, feel free to contact me through the contact form. You could visit the school that I am active in or participate at a training or event on the topic of NVC in Education.”

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