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Francis Chiadi


Francis Chiadi, OP, FIMC, AloHA* is a Dominican friar, a geoscientist and a theologian. Francis is an advocate for dialogue and counter-conflict engagement.

His dialogue interests include: interdisciplinary, interreligious, intergenerational, intercultural, intergender, interindividual, interinstitutional, interperiodic, etc. His aesthetic critique interests include: ceremony, culinary, branding, commemorative vesture, digital graphics, etc.

Introductory Instructor, Christian Sacred Scriptures and Classic Languages (Hebrew, Greek and Latin); Principal guide for visiting tourists and pilgrims, revered 50-year-old Dominican Chapel, Ibadan; Director, Sports and Games Unit, Dominican University. Regular participant at training sessions (on Team building, Succession Strategizing and vertical/horizontal team
communicating) facilitated by the Centre Management Development, the Centre for Non-Violent Communication (CNVC) and the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, CNI Education Committee. Friar Francis is recognized as an Alumnus of High Achievement, University of Nigeria Alumni Association, UNAA.


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