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Younjeong Lee portrait

Younjeong Lee

Master of Education, Thanatologist, Parend Education Specialist, Family Counseling Specialist
Giraffe Parenting School
South Korea
Speaks English, Korean
Certified Trainer since 2012
"I think one of the ways to love and live while holding people in compassion is NVC. I hope that my life connected to NVC will be a hope and vision for someone."

Since becoming a CNVC Certified Trainer in 2012, have created a one-year parent education class that has been in progress for 10 years. Since 2014, have been conducting workshops on various topics in various cities in Korea and China. Developing workshops for Korean men and conducting them for more than 10 years, marital workshops and a five-day intensive course have continued. Interested in the recovery of family and have also developed several programs for communication with Korean companies. These days, researching death and nonviolent dialogue, and active as an international certified Thanatologist.

- Books:
“Adolescent Children and Growing Mom.”
"Need Meditation 100 days in NVC."
" NVC class for my family."

“Help families recover through NVC Couple Workshops and Parenting Education. Contribute personal healing by linking NVC and Thanatology.”

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“Continuing research on parental education, marital counseling, and beautiful life (death) through NVC. Let's be happy together!”

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