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Wendel Zwaal Portrait

Wendel Zwaal

Mediator | Conflict resolution and dissolution through empathy and understanding
Speaks English, Dutch
Certified Trainer since 2024

Upon experiencing how positively life-changing Nonviolent Communication can be as a tool to mitigate conflict and bring about more peace and understanding, I have decided to make it my life's work to facilitate situations where people can experience this method of connection as well. 

As mediator, I employ Nonviolent Communication techniques to create a space for connection and better communication between people who are in conflict or disagreement with one another. This has helped my clients reach peaceful resolutions and creates a faster, easier route to happiness and satisfaction in the situations they bring to the table.

As a trainer and facilitator, I offer workshops to different groups using the same method and tools for specific situations, such as Communicating with Children. Nonviolent Communication enables human beings to empathize and seek to understand each other peacefully, bringing about positive change and deeper satisfaction in all settings, be it professional, governmental, within families, within communities.

If you are interested in hearing more about nonviolent communication, as well as to inquire about mediation or trainings, I invite you to get in touch and would love to hear from you -- use the Contact Form below.

“After many years of feeling lost, disconnected and depressed, I experience NVC as the compass I have always longed for. Clueless of my own feelings and needs — and to avoid conflict — I used to focus on other people’s needs. Today NVC helps me to navigate life with compassion and empathy, to connect with myself and others, to be with what is.”

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