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Andreas Kokott Portrait

Andreas Kokott

M.Sc. Mathematics
Inspiring Heart-Centered Leadership and Growth
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2024
"My vision is to nurture growth and development at every level—from individual to organizational—through empathic leadership and heart-centered communication grounded in NVC principles."

Basing my work in the Munich area for over 25 years and leading a technology consultancy company for the past 16 years, I've guided our team's growth from a small group to a thriving community of over 100 people. This growth, whilst fulfilling, brought with it complex challenges. These very challenges were the catalyst for my discovery and integration of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a key element in navigating our journey with empathy and resilience. NVC is not just a vital part of our organizational ethos; it's an ongoing journey that continuously shapes my personal growth and our company culture.

In my work, I partner with organizations, teams, and individuals, sharing the principles of Nonviolent Communication and my insights on integrating these into the collaborative fabric of organizational development. At the heart of every business and organization are its people.

My approach focuses on accompanying individuals and teams in their journey to realize and fulfill their personal and organizational purposes. Central to this process is the cultivation of empathic connections and honest expression, which involves growing awareness of and presence to one's own needs and those of others.

This approach extends beyond mere organizational efficiency; it's about fostering personal growth and building a supportive, interconnected environment. By nurturing empathic connections within teams and organizations, we not only enhance individual fulfillment but also contribute meaningfully to a collective, thriving community.

I am passionate about creating a corporate world grounded in empathy, mutual respect, and heart-centred leadership, essential for both professional success and personal well-being. Every interaction presents a valuable opportunity for collective growth and learning, rooted in the transformative principles of Nonviolent Communication.

“My mission is to embed the essence of Nonviolent Communication within the heart of corporate environments and personal interactions. I offer specialised guidance for organisations, teams, and individuals seeking to enhance their communication, leadership, and collaboration. Through empathic understanding and honest expression, we unlock the potential for profound personal growth and organisational success.”

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“Join me in exploring how Nonviolent Communication can transform your personal and professional life. Together, let's build a world of empathic understanding and heart-centred collaboration. I welcome you to connect and embark on this transformative journey.”

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