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Valerie Wycoff portrait

Valerie Wycoff

My mission is to empower you to more fully love, accept, and enjoy your life, and your connections in the world, and to joyfully support you with the changes you wish to make to your habits
New Zealand
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2021

My curiosity about people, relationships, emotion, breath, voice, and body has been life-long. I work with adolescents and with adults of all ages right into their senior years. My oldest student/client has been in her 90’s. I delight in teaching adults, including my elders and I am frequently inspired by the learning and continued openness to new ideas and change I see in those who work with me.

I describe my work with various labels, communication coach, mediator, self-esteem mentor, voice teacher, and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner. Habits can include your ways of relating to, communicating with self and/or others, your ways of using your voice, and your movement. I draw on my experience as a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication teacher of voice and singing.


After studying Feldenkrais privately for a number of years, I trained for 4 years as a practitioner of Feldenkrais Method®, trained in Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®. I have been teaching this method for 14 years primarily with active adults. Challenges which my clients address with me include pain, posture, stiffness, anxiety, and challenges involving, breath, posture and voice.

You are welcome to contact me to discuss areas in which you’d like to see improvement, and to determine if we are a fit for working together with regards to any of the work I do.


Vocal awareness and habit change work: With over 30 years voice teaching experience, I enjoy working with singers, speakers, actors, preachers, teachers and others who want to get the best out of their voice. My students have replaced habits of strain and pain, with effective healthy habits. I have taught people to be louder or yell without damaging their voice. I have supported students to rehabilitate from vocal nodules without surgery. Speakers and voice users from a variety of professions have used my support to develop a voice that both engages their listeners and is authentic.

Singing sessions: You are welcome to approach me for “troubleshooting” by appointment or a series of lessons. I am happy to help people develop confidence/reliability, and confidence issues. In this work, empathy, my Feldenkrais background add to my experience of teaching voice for over 30 years.

Though singing came naturally, along the way I have had significant challenges that have been learning points for me. My own difficulties have inspired my learning paths, and given me empathy and understanding. These problems included:

  • voice loss  
  • neck pain and immobility that caused me to wear a brace and give up driving
  • significant anxiety and clinical depression

For many years I taught as part of the Voice and Movement staff at National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art.  I have worked professionally as an actress and opera singer and also have public speaking experience.

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