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Armin Torbecke portrait

Armin Torbecke

Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2004
"Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for me is a path of (making) peace with life — within myself, with others, and the world. It’s a growth of understanding and compassion and of ability to act within, in word as well. This serves the world, the building of community, and one’s own happiness. Trusting in my own life-connection is a precious treasure for me. Therefore, I think that it is worth it to let the NVC wisdom in and to share these experiences with others."

I offer Nonviolent Communication in various formats: annual NVC training, mediation training based on NVC, advanced NVC courses, school projects, NVC-oriented coaching and supervision, vision development and more.

I am also involved in the founding and development of a free school and a forest kindergarten, both with orientation towards the NVC and others. - Also co-designing a non-profit organization that offers social learning and orientation for young people.

Trainer's primary language

Ich biete GFK in verschiedenen Formaten an: Jahrestraining GFK, Mediationsausbildung auf Basis der GFK, Vertiefungskurse GFK, Schulprojekte, GFK-orientiertes Coaching und Supervision, Visionsentwicklung und mehr. Ich freue mich über Kontaktaufnahme. Herzlich willkommen! Kontakt:, [email protected], 05764-416999

Ich bin auch an der Gründung und Entwicklung einer Freien Schule und eines Waldkindergartens beteiligt, beides mit Orientierung an der GFK ua. - Außerdem Mitgestaltung eines gemeinnützigen Trägers, der soziales Lernen und Orientierung für junge Menschen anbietet.

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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Education
“I look forward to getting in touch. Welcome!”

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