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Tsuyoshi Go Goto portrait

Tsuyoshi (Go) Goto

Speaks English, Japanese
Certified Trainer since 2016

After dropping out of high school, Go sought an education that went beyond the existing system and came across Jiyu no Mori Gakuen and Waldorf education. After obtaining his teaching license from Osaka Kyoiku University, he moved to the United States. He has lived in a spiritual community in California for 16 years, seeking a way for people to live together from the essence.

He is also an information engineer and is involved in agile software development. He studied under Stephen Gilligan and learned how to interact with non-verbal spaces. Marriage has become a decisive turning point, and based on NVC, we are practicing the ultimate integration of duality in the here and now ♫

Things that I have learned : Rudolf Steiner, The Fourth Way, MKP, HAI, Stephen Gilligan (Generative Trance), NLP Practitioner Certification, Avatar Wizard, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Nuthology, Ho'oponopono, Nondual (Nondual) binary), family constellation, and Nonviolent Communication.

Trainer's primary language


学んできたことルドルフ・シュタイナー、第四の道、MKP、HAI、スティーブン・ギリガン(ジェネラティブ・トランス)、NLPプラクティショナー認定、アバターウィザード、奇跡のコース(ACIM) 、ヌーソロジー、ホオポノポノ 、Nondual(非二元)、ファミリー・コンステレーション、NVC

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