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Seunghee Han portrait

Seunghee Han

Speaks Korean
Certified Trainer since 2016

With an academic background in women’s studies and social policy, I had been putting my primary focus on social change: how to transform the structures that don’t support the well-being of women and social minorities. Encountering Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I became aware that social change requires changing ourselves within while working on changing external structures. Since then, I direct my passion into supporting people who seek to create peace within themselves and to transform “enemy images” of others.

Since 2006, I have worked with the Korean Center for Nonviolent Communication, organizing NVC trainings, sharing NVC, and offering NVC-based mediation. I also support people in conflict — such as couples going through divorce and teens in school bullying cases — by facilitating their conversations in family courts and police stations.

My overarching passion is to contribute to healing and reconciliation among those of us who have experienced a long period of geographical division and psychological disconnection between South and North Korea. For this vision, I have been finding ways to share NVC with women in the North Korean diaspora. In addition, I have a passion for helping people in their personal and organizational development.


  • Conflict Transformation
  • Education (including schools and youth programs)
  • Family and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Restorative Justice (including prison work)
  • Social Change

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