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Stephanie Krampulz Portrait

Stephanie Krampulz

Trainer, Adult Education | Life Coach | Life Artist | Anthropologist, M.A.
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2024

"What I certainly don't want to contribute to is more nice dead people." This quote by Marshall shook me to the core. Yes, I want to feel alive!

Somehow along the way many of us lose the connection to our unique self and to the river of life itself. Let's reconnect! NVC helps connect to what's alive in me and you and everything, through my words and thoughts and my way of living and loving.

NVC to me is a form of life arts. My engagement with NVC really brought me freedom – to be who I am and live the life that I want. And brought me deep connection – my relationships to loved ones and people around me improved and intensified so much. I found a deep sense of companionship, we’re truly in this life together.

This gift I received is what I want to share.

There are times we cannot see each other in our shared humanity. Where we can’t connect to the truth in us. Where we can’t see a way that is not violence.

I live for these moments and for the magic it brings when we can reach a place in us that is so deep there is only peace.

I want to explore more ways in how we can see and trust each other as companions in this life journey.

I have a vision of a world where everyone feels truly alive, happily be who they are, where we connect to one another and see and be touched by the shared humanity in us all.

I work towards that vision to the best that I can in my private life and in my current work at German based NGO “Forum Demokratie Düsseldorf”, where we extensively teach NVC and related peace tools to the public.

As an organisor I invite many (also internationally renowned) trainers over for a variety of seminars.

As a trainer I offer introductory courses, practise groups, year courses, thematic trainings as well as (inhouse) workshops for specific target groups.

I welcome all people from all walks of life to my courses!

As a coach I accompany people individually in 1-on-1 online sessions to explore distressing issues in a way that brings more presence and clarity and supports you in finding the answers that already lie within you.

I look forward to meeting you as a new companion on this journey!

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