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Shigeko Suzuki portrait

Shigeko Suzuki

Vocalist, a singer who weaves the resonance of life, Alexander Technique teacher
Speaks English, Japanese
Certified Trainer since 2019

After having performed over 20 years as a recording vocalist, Shigeko now finds passion in listening to the resonance of life in each one of us and creating a world where all of our voices matter.

Since 2006, with her partner, Ken Anno, and other friends, she has been practicing and introducing NVC in Japan as one of the pioneers. Together they contributed to an emergence of quite a unique community, where people were so excited that they motivated themselves to learn and share and created a network with each other,  without having a big structured association.

She organized and translated IITs in Japan in 2014 and 2017. She and Ken translated Marshall Rosenberg's "Speak Peace" and published it in 2021. She also has a deep interest in trauma healing, especially the trauma that has been carried through generations that is deeply related with social change.

As her life work as a singer, she loves to explore together a deep self connection through body and voice, which is the instrument of Life. Also with Ken, she walks that path of exploring partnership, longing to create a relationship where both of their soul resonates and dances with joy.

Shigeko was a trainer at the  IIT 2023 in Germany for the first time as trainers in a language that is not her mother tongue. She has passion to explore how she can find her own power so that she can contribute by empowering others in a community that has a diversity.

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