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Nati Beltran portrait

Nati Beltran

ICF certified leadership coach. Masters degree in Neuroscience. Masters degree in Montessori Education and Leadership.
Bringing more humanity to work
United Kingdom
Speaks English, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2020
"My vision is a peaceful world where human beings have the skills to be responsible for their words and actions and know how to create harmony around them."

My personal mission is to support leaders in creating the ripples of change that lead to a more sustainable, equitable, and empathetic world. NVC has been transformational for me; I love seeing how it transforms others and the workspaces they are in.

I believe that developing a new generation of empathic leaders is essential if we are to build a sustainable future and realize the promise of the 17 Global Goals. In order to do this, we need to learn the skills to know ourselves and others to communicate with compassion and care.

I run 12-week NVC Leadership trainings, as well as a year-long in-depth program for those people who already have some background in NVC. I also facilitate a community of practice called The Empathic Leaders Sandbox, meeting bi-monthly where you can meet other similar-minded leaders and practice NVC.

I additionally provide consulting in organizations and teams, retreats, and leadership coaching based on NVC principles.

“I am motivated to support purpose-driven leaders to reach their potential and their big visions for a better world. Together, we can make a great impact.”

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“I'd love to connect and find out what drives you and how NVC can help you.”

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