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Paula Johanna Herwig portrait

Paula Johanna Herwig

Master of Arts in Political Science; Mediator; Supervisor /Coach
Wahrnehmen Wertschätzen Wandeln | Perceive appreciate transform
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2020
“I want to contribute to making this world a place, where people can live in peace and dignity. Sharing NVC is the most powerful tool I have found to do that.”

I have been working as a freelance NVC-trainer, mediator, supervisor and coach since 2013. In addition, I have been working at the Freie Schule Leipzig (democratic school) since 2014 one day a week, accompanying students in conflicts and teaching politics.

I participated in several volunteer services abroad to contribute something meaningful to this world, but always got more than I could give. I studied political science in Leipzig and furthered my education in the field of anti-discrimination pedagogy. In this process, I discovered NVC and was immediately so enthusiastic that I made it my profession.

NVC is above all an attitude with which I look at myself and other people with benevolence and compassion. In my work and in myself, I experience again and again these small miracles that arise through the empathic view of NVC. I am happy to pursue a profession in which I am constantly learning and which gives me so much hope.

I offer:

  • yearlong intensive NVC trainings
  • open NVC practice groups
  • mediation
  • supervision for teams
  • coaching
  • 1-on-1 empathy support


  • Conflict Transformation
  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Family and Interpersonal Relationships
  • Leadership (including organizational culture and executive coaching)
  • Peace and Civil Discourse
  • Social Change
  • Spirituality and Inner Work

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