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Kathleen De Laet portrait

Kathleen De Laet

Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Teaching Degree, Bachelor of Philosophy
I like it muddy (no mud, no Lotus) — heerlijk echt, eerlijk hecht
Speaks English, Dutch, French, German
Certified Trainer since 2022
"NVC for me provides a safer way to show up fully in this world, to meet myself and others with deep presence, abundant care, and an authentic and disarming sense of shared humanity."

Hi! So lovely to be read by you now :). Thanks a bunch for your interest in my NVC work!

I first encountered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2007. It hit me like a ray of sun — did that happen to you, too? :)

Pretty soon, I had read every book and went to every European NVC summer festival available for me, and I started sharing it with my world as a freelance trainer. In 2017, this became official when I founded my own NVC company, De Lotus, specialising in teaching teachers and community leaders of all sorts: eco-activists, school principals, parents, and more.

I love working in the educational field, where I’ve come from since 2001: I’ve been so lucky to get to teach for nearly twenty years in intercultural adult education. It was such a treat to get to work with expats, refugees, artists, and more who left their countries to live in Belgium for romantic, political, professional, economical, and other reasons. It has been such an enrichment for me, really experiencing firsthand our common humanity, shared sense of humor, and love for food, family and music. Our feelings and needs are so, so similar.

I look back at all these connections with great warmth in my heart.

I’ve co-organised the first European NVC-summer festival in Belgium in 2012. I am organising the current European one in 2023 (fully booked since January — waw!). And since 2019 I have organised the annual Belgian national summer festival, fifth edition in 2023, and also almost full — yay!

I love hosting retreats on the spiritual practice of NVC, which I call Delight in Presence. They include many of the things I value and cherish: awesome natural surroundings, great quality of organic, colorful and nutritious food, vinyasa yoga in the morning, and a full day of Dyad inquiry meditations and more NVC and somatic practices that support self-connection, five-rhythm-based dance and music included.

I offer training in English in Faro, which is in the south of Portugal, in the north of Belgium, and in Malmö, the south of Sweden.

Currently I am training a team of twenty-five supporting teachers, a project of four months, paid by the government. It is awesome for me to teach the teachers and I want to do more of that in September!

I am starting an online train-the-trainer trajectory in September 2023, for advanced practitioners who want to begin sharing NVC, as well as for teachers who want to integrate and weave NVC into their classrooms.

One day, I'd love to take on the role as assessor and support candidates even more to achieve quality in their / our dream job. Also, I long to contribute to the XR people and other eco-activists groups, so let me know how I can add empathy and clarity of heart and restorative practices to your local group!


“What I want in this life is to show up with all I have, and cocreate the world I want to live in with you. I want to slow down together and hold spaces where we can access and express what is alive in the systems we are operating in. I have witnessed and I trust that when we hear ourselves and each other with raw honesty and gentle, firm compassion, we can reinvent schools, organisations, and families to become the need-based, empowered communities that will support individual and collective growth in an effective, self-aware, and connecting way for ourselves and our kids!”

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“You don’t have to be brilliant. It’s enough to become progressively less stupid.” — Marshall B. Rosenberg
“I feel happy and excited that you read my words up till here — thanks a bunch for that! Now I would love to hear how you are feeling after this, as I love to connect and find out if it would be fun and meaningful to work together on something that is precious to the both of us!”

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