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Patricia Walker portrait

Patricia Walker

Master Life and Relationship Coach (ICI/ ECA 2015) | Process-Orientated Supervisor, Coach (IPA Zurich, 2019) | Diplomate in Process Work (Mindell, IPA Zurich, 2021)
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2014
"For me, NVC is a channel to connect the deep personal processes of individuals."

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1966. After working in Hamburg, London, and Berlin, I moved to Switzerland in 2001. My professional background is in advertising, where I worked for twenty years in creation and team building, most recently in my own company. Despite great successes, I remained empty and exhausted at the bottom of my heart.

In 2009, I came into contact with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and took a radically different path. I learned to establish a sincere connection with myself and my fellow human beings and to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions. The power that grew within me has deeply convinced me and has since helped me to become what I am, so that I can live my full potential and follow my destiny.

After my certification in 2014, I founded the Fokus Empathie Institute in Zurich, together with my partner, Benedikt Loser. Since then, I have sensitized hundreds of people to the authentic and nonviolent attitude and language and have accompanied some of them on the way to their certifications as a member of the Assessor team, German-speaking Switzerland, since 2018.

For a deeper psychological understanding around conflict, dealing with power and rank, and areas of tension in systems, my training additionally includes the approach of process-oriented psychology according to Arnold Mindell, Integral Coaching, and NLP, as well as systemic family constellations.

My work as a trainer, adult educator, organizational consultant, supervisor, and therapist, as well as my many years of experience in the private sector, form the basis for a broad range of experience in dealing with people in communication.

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  • Business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Social Change
My mission is to create and hold a safe space where healing happens through positive relational experiences and self-process, be it in a one-on-one setting, in free groups, or in groups of existing teams.

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