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Oana Ragalie portrait

Oana Ragalie

Master of Business Administration
Everything I give, I give to myself
Speaks English, Romanian
Certified Trainer since 2022
"NVC brings me the tools to be at the driving wheel of my life, with love, compassion and authenticity."

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) came into my life in 2017, in a moment when I was searching for something to help me be at the driving wheel of my life instead of living life on automated pilot. I did not even know I was searching for something. When I encountered NVC, I saw that there is another way, a way to get to know myself, to understand my reactions, my triggers, my patterns, my needs, to define my values.

This has been a journey into my relationship with myself, a journey of rewriting limiting beliefs, such as “I am not good enough,” “I don’t matter,” “vulnerability is weakness,” “I must do everything alone, I shouldn’t ask for support.” And a journey of redefining and deepening the most important relationships in my life, the ones from my family, and living them with authenticity, integrity, connection, and empathy.

Having experienced the magic of the NVC tools and their effects on my well-being, I wanted to share this with other people. So, I became active in the NVC community in Romania, contributing to its growth and development by managing European-funded projects and getting involved in delivering different training programs.

I have been teaching NVC since 2018, and I love working with adults in search of their own growth, healing, and development. I love applying NVC concepts for healthy and balanced relationships, starting with the relationship with ourselves. As applying NVC is a process that takes as long as it takes for each individual, I prefer working in long-term training programs and supporting the participants, both in training sessions as well as in individual, empathic coaching sessions.

Since 2020, I am a trainer in a six-month-long program for transforming relationships.

I offer workshops in companies, aiming at improving the collaboration within teams by bringing the human touch and the concept of needs, which drive our behavior.

I am also a certified regression therapist, working with individuals to heal past traumas that are affecting their current lives. During such a process with a person, I use NVC tools as well, to sustain their journey.

NVC helps me make conscious choices in my life, by connecting with the feelings and the needs that are alive in me, moment by moment. That’s what I am most grateful for in practicing NVC.

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  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
My mission is to share NVC with people who are willing to rediscover self-love, self-compassion, and inner power, and to live their lives in authentic connection with everything around them.

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