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Marion Riehemann portrait

Marion Riehemann

NVC Certified Trainer, Master Certified Coach (MCC/ICF), Business Mediator, Leadership Expert
Connected with Empathy & Purpose
United States
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2014
"NVC Consciousness and NVC Skills are the strongest and most joyful path to transformation, growth and deep human connection - for myself and the people and organizations I serve"

Marion Riehemann is the founder and CEO of Second Freedom, an advisory firm that helps leaders increase their capacity to transform themselves and their teams. They become better innovators, strategists and decision-makers by dealing productively with the unknown. She offers 1:1 executive coaching, team development, open workshops on Empathic Leadership, she designs and facilitates (international) leadership development programs, offers an ICF accredited Business Coaching Program (strongly based on NVC) for leaders, HR professionals and change makers, she designs and implements Mentoring Programs and supports Emerging Leaders Development.

She has worked with over 300 companies, in over 30 industries, with clients such as adidas, Airbus and Xerox. Today, Marion focuses on purpose driven organizations and leaders who place people’s flourishing over profit, trusting that financial health is an outcome of people engaging in an environment that is in alignment with their personal purpose. She likes to support women in becoming confident, fearless and clear about their purpose.

Marion is a Master Certified Coach -- with over 5,000 hours of coaching under her belt -- for the International Coach Federation. She is also an internationally certified trainer on Nonviolent Communication with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

In the last decade, Marion has worked as senior executive coach, team developer, and as lead coach in her own business coaching program for leaders and HR-specialists. She also has designed and facilitated many leadership-development programs for senior leaders and emerging leaders in Germany, Europe and beyond.

“I bring NVC Consciousness and NVC Skills to help build deep human connections between individuals and teams. My contribution is to build flourishing cultures where humans are intrinsically passionate to contribute from their personal purpose. I offer transformational (in-house) programs based on NVC. And I love to support women in unfolding their full power and potential by becoming confident, fearless and crystal clear.”

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There is a place beyond right and wrong. Let's meet there. The highest form of intelligence is observing without evaluation or judgment.
“Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my unique approach to NVC in 1:1 sessions, team workshops (especially in change and transformation), building strong feedback culture, and implementation of NVC Workshop Programs in entire organizations”

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