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Mironel de Wilde portrait

Mironel de Wilde

Diploma, Film Director
Creating Conscious Connections
Speaks English, French, Italian
Certified Trainer since 2019
"Nonviolent Communication is a profound invitation to live and relate in direct connection with life. We can learn to be in awe of our own and each other’s aliveness to live into a world that works for everyone."

In addition to his work as a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, Mironel de Wilde is a yoga and meditation teacher and filmmaker with lived experience between cultures and across continents.

He began his way of exploring being human as a teenager with Tibetan Buddhist teachings, Native Canadian shamanic practices, and yoga from different schools with a keen interest in consciousness and spirituality. Connecting with Nonviolent Communication grounded his spirituality into daily life and relationships because of its holistic approach to life. He found a practical spirituality in NVC, a way of living non-duality.

For Mironel, NVC opened a new world of self-understanding and acceptance. It has become a way to cultivate deep self-awareness and compassion, which naturally becomes compassion for others and connection.

His workshops and training programs focus on deep personal growth to support connection with ourselves and each other so that we can live in full authenticity, with a vision of contributing to a world that works for all.

He currently lives and works in Nepal, teaching NVC in education and mediation and for therapy and counseling. He also makes films as an expression of his discoveries and learning on the Path.

“May we walk in such complete awareness that our self-love and freedom are so great as to include everyone.”

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  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Education
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
  • Social Change
My mission is to support creating conscious connections: connecting with ourselves deeply, with each other transparently and with life fully. I am sharing NVC and Living Compassion in open workshops and retreats, and online practice group sessions.
“I invite you to connect and exchange about this beautiful journey of exploring what it means to be human.”

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