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Marg Pontin portrait

Marg Pontin

Consultant, manager, educator and workshop leader
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2011

Marg Pontin has worked in community development, disability services, and most recently, in education. She is passionate about supporting parents and teachers to raise their children with respect and with the tools to become empowered and connected human beings. “I am also passionate about supporting communities of nonviolence, and I offer organisational and community-based training, as well as residential workshops,” she says.

Marg has always been passionate about good relationships and clear communication between people. For much of the past two decades, Marg has used the language tools developed by Marshall Rosenberg to foster better communication for individuals, groups and organisations.

She has seen the difference NVC makes in a range of settings - between managers and staff, people with intellectual disabilities and their carers, colleagues, couples, organisations and their customers, parents and their children and teachers and their students and parents. Marg's key areas of interest are personal and family relationships, education, corporate communication, and community development.

“I use the term Nonviolent Communication as Gandhi used it... While we may not believe we are ‘violent', our words and thoughts often lead to pain for others and ourselves. ~Marshall Rosenberg”

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NVC has been a wonderful enrichment of my life in both work and at home.

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