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Berit Ronne Mikkelsen portrait

Berit Mikkelsen

Bachelor of Philosophy and Psychology
“As we learn to speak from the heart, we are changing the habits of a lifetime.” – Marshall Rosenberg
Speaks English, Danish
Certified Trainer since 1994
"For me, NVC is an approach and a toolbox applicable in all contexts where we are trying to take care of ourselves and each other — while we individually and together are doing our best trying to meet needs and live in accordance with our visions, goals, and values."

Since 1992, I have been fascinated by Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and the value of having a Dialogic mindset in our conversations, interactions, and relations. NVC works for me as clues and tools in how we co-create and work in organizations.

I offer short and longer NVC education as well as training workshops, collaborating with my Danish colleague, Gitte Bork. We primarily collaborate with personnel groups and institutions with the aim of creating a Dialogic workplace culture.

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