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Leina Ball portrait

Leina Ball

Master's Degree in Teaching
Compassionate Communication Coach
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2023

I earned my Master’s in Teaching through a whole child program in 1998, then spent a dozen years navigating the traditional education system. In 2007, as a burned-out educator with an at-risk teen at home I became a consultant for the National Writing Project (NWP). Through my work with the NWP, I realized everyone is a writer and writing is a powerful tool to think, learn, heal, remember, release, transform limiting beliefs, and so much more!

In 2010 I was hired at an NVC-based charter school. This began my introduction to NVC skills and consciousness, and the shared power partnership paradigm. In 2011, I began attending annual NVC conferences organized by Rodger Sorrow. With my writing practice and compassionate communication skills and consciousness waves of relief rippled into my work life and my home life. I started to disentangle from the stories I was telling myself and all the misery they were causing. As I awakened to the programming I was running, I felt well supported amid my community of skillful communicators. I found liberation moving beyond right-wrong and good-bad dualistic thinking traps.

As an educator I knew I wanted to share the skills and consciousness of NVC with young people, their parents, and my fellow educators. My ever-expanding NVC community gifts me with a space to practice being heart-centered, expressing myself authentically, and nourishing empathy exchanges. Heaven! When you find something that makes life more wonderful you want to share it with others, which inspired my path to become a Certified Trainer.

I will be co-hosting a family heart camp in southern California starting in the summer of 2024. I am excited to join a community of trainers who hold a shared vision of a world where all needs are held with care, where we can have more authentic communication with awareness of power differences, more ease, more equity and more connection. I look forward to our collaborations and my ongoing learning.

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I am excited to co-create a world where everyone's needs are held with care and people feel seen, heard and understood.

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