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Kristiina Krank Potrait

Kristiina Krank

Trainer | Facilitator | Leg. Specialist nurse
Developing Human Consciousness
Speaks English, Swedish
Certified Trainer since 2024
"When we have genuine contact with ourselves, our relationships also change. This empowers our healthy developmental maturity and depth impact to our world. With empathic communication, we can transform power struggle into co-operation, conflict into peace and argumentation into trust. The way we communicate makes a world of difference!"

Kristiina is based in Stockholm, Sweden. In her daily work, she supports people in empathetic communication, providing tools for building sustainable relationships and human development, both individually and in groups. Her work enables people to communicate and relate in a way that honors each other, their values, and needs, which increases the chance of contact, understanding, and peaceful and effective solutions. As NVC trainer, facilitator, coach, and mediator she supports people in making their lives more wonderful through workshops, one to one coaching and community building.

In 2020, she was one of the co-founders of the “NVC Association in Sweden”. She sits on the board as a cashier. The association aims to spread empathic communication and Kristiina has been offering workshops and events for both individuals and in organizations. In 2021 she translated The Pathway of Liberation Matrix into Swedish to support people to see how we grow from unconscious behavior to more awareness and freedom.

She has worked 30 years in the health care system as a nurse and are now working as a psychosocial nurse supporting people in different kind of crises or transitions in life. She also is engaged to support doctors and nurses to have a less stressful work environment. The last 20 years she has worked in a multicultural area; with people from different countries, languages, and beliefs. It has given her experience regarding perspective and that how you look at "right and wrong" is strongly dependent on culture and norms.

It has led her to search for universal principles that bridge and include diversity and the rich variety of human expression and at the core of being human and what it takes for us to live peacefully together without losing our individuality.

Kristiina conducts open workshops and training for people wanting to learn alternative ways of communicating, focusing on the method of Nonviolent Communication as awareness of everyday life and how to relate in more healthier ways of communicating.

Her motivation as a trainer comes from a tireless drive, a curiosity for self-development and a commitment to improving systems and structures to support everyone's well-being. She likes to use her organizational skills to organize events in Sweden and internationally. She co-organized the Sweden IIT2019 (International Intensive Training) and are looking forward to doing it again 2025.

Kristiina combines Nonviolent Communication with consciousness development, Integral Theory, based on Ken Wilbers, Terri O´Fallons and Kim Bartas work. She has participated in several years programs at Stages international and are co-hosting events. She is also practicing and studying the spiritual lineages of Mahamudra and Dzogchen with Dustin DiPerna. She has been educated in Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States.


“I had the benefit to have more contact with myself. I felt more alive. I felt more at ease at this workshop because of the clarity of instruction before the exercise. I had a new experience doing an experience with feelings and need cards. The exercises, working in pairs around “Expressing a No” was contributing to my understanding. I felt safe. I feel a deep connection with myself and the other participants in the course. Kristiina was open for feedback, and I felt heard by her sharing vulnerable things. This was the first time I was on an NVC-workshop so before coming I felt uncomfortable. Kristiina made the environment safe and calm. She gave us clarifying information about the exercises in beforehand. She repeated that it was free to participate in the different exercises and it supported me with safty to be reminded about my choices. ”
~ John, 2022

”For me, the content was clear and structured. It helped me to actively listen to what Kristiina said and at the same time reflect/feel for what kind of feelings appeared. The workshop was highly useful, both in close relationships but also in professional relationships. It was in-depth knowledge of which reactions we humans use when we get scared or stressed, perspective changes and how I can relate to feedback; both when I give and when I receive. I felt comfortable and in touch with both myself and the other participants during this workshop. I felt that Kristiina listened actively and with empathy to everyone's reflections/questions. I noticed that Kristiina repeated the question to confirm whether she had understood correctly - it creates security for me and a feeling of respect. I felt listened to. Another thing that contributed to these feelings is that Kristiina gave her own examples from her own life. The workshop gave me a sense of curiosity to learn more.
~ Åsa, 2022

”I like the practical exercises and it made me take steps forward in my learning of the language of life. The agenda was mixed with both theory and exercises, and it was woven together in a pleasant way. I could reflect out loud and I got support with the things I got stuck on, it created clarity for me. Kristiina was very good at timekeeping. I learn the value of taking care of each other. It was an open and friendly environment. Everybody was participating. We had the opportunity to look into each other’s hearts. I felt comfortable and safe in the group. Good balance with exercises, theory and breaks. I felt that the information was clear, it was friendly, I felt calm, Kristiina was open and capable, she was also patient, and I experienced her to be experienced and she had a good explanation.”
~ Christina, 2023

“Wow! So inspiring and educational. Haven't been this engaged in a long time! I liked the calm, the competence and the variety. I felt safe to ask questions and participate in the exercises. I liked the calm and harmony that Kristiina radiates and that there was humor and that we could laugh together in the group. I don't know exactly what she did with it was magical!!! So incredibly knowledgeable and professional in so many ways. I want more!!!
~ Sanay, 2023

“My mission is to share NVC and conscious development with people from all walks of life through public trainings and organizational trainings. Also, I support people individually in 1-on-1 sessions to work through distressing issues in which they are involved, so that they may develop more peace, choice and love within themselves and with others.”

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“With the support and safety of a coach, you get help in making the unconscious conscious and thereby experience more freedom of choice, greater well-being and see more of your own resources, resources that you may not have thought you had.”

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