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Karin Hohenegger portrait

Karin Hohenegger

International Business Degree, Innsbruck University and CERAM, Sophia Antipolis in France
Business Consultant, Leadership Coach
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2021
"For me, NVC is spirituality. When I am connected with myself, I discover what has always been there and was originally given to me. I discover my own temple. I see the human being as the image of creation. It is important to me that people use all their potential in business. Especially, I see feelings and needs as intuition, which helps us in the very moment to deal with complexity and uncertainty and enables ways that cannot be reached with rationale alone. We need to be human again, becoming vulnerable in order to live oneself and at the same time go on powerfully, if it is meant to be. I am passionate about combining my experience from different areas like contemplation, mindfulness, Theory U, and Nonviolent Communication."

Today, my whole life circles around leadership. I support leaders of the new time to strengthen their own leadership — in a needs-based and embodied way. I create space for connectedness in all possible layers.

But let us look back first:

Finding NVC

My first contact with Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was in 2010 during a leadership training where Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life was on the book table. While I took notice of the book, it remained at that time a loose encounter.

It took another five years until our paths met again, in 2015 in the context of a lobbying training. I had recently started my own business. Times were also characterized by the huge number of refugees coming to Austria and overall to Europe. I was part of a movement to organize housing for refugees in communities. During a training for this movement, I realized I was going to encounter the need to facilitate intense and emotional discussions. In the training, NVC was recommended as a valuable technique to deal with this challenge. So I set out to find an introductory seminar. However, the NVC training that best suited me was a facilitator training for practice groups. It was January 2016, and I registered on very short notice, when after a phone call with the trainer it was clear that I was very welcome to join.

NVC Goes Far Beyond Language

For me, I first understood NVC as a linguistic addition to a mindful and appreciative attitude that I was already living. Quite quickly, though, I realized that NVC goes far beyond language, and that it in fact complemented, even refined, my previous attitude like golden dust. With NVC, I discovered areas in myself that had been hidden from me. My “inner walls” broke down, and I got to know more and more of myself. Over the years I slowly and often very tearfully peeled myself out of old conditionings. I discovered the magic of empathy — how this intensifies life and allows me to fully take a place in my being. I especially remember how amazed I was at being allowed to speak the language of the wolf, as I had not allowed myself this language out of supposed appreciation. With time, I learned to know and love the treasures of the wolf. More and more peace spread within me. In 2017, I held my first NVC introductory seminar in a large company.

When people are with me, they experience NVC:

  • In individual coaching
  • In group coaching
  • In mediation
  • In the facilitation of work meetings
  • In NVC seminars
  • In my courses for students
  • In the moderation of family conferences

I am very much looking forward to all that may come and emerge and I thank all who have prepared this way.

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  • Business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
My vision is to live in a world where every being lives its value in a peaceful coexistence. As leadership coach, I am at the side of leaders of the new time, so they can go their way consciously, courageously, and powerfully — regarding decisions and conflicts, when it comes to dealing with daily challenges, or to get clarity for oneself and to set authentic steps. For me, it is about arriving at oneself, and through this also in the togetherness, and in being.
“A life needs to be lived to its fullest extent. Let your light shine!”

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