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Julia Wight portrait

Julia Wight

MPH, Certified Integral Development Coach, Resonant Healing Practitioner Candidate
Welcome for your humanity
Speaks English, French
Certified Trainer since 2023
"Connecting to life is about humans, and allowing humans to be fully and wonderfully themselves. Connecting to and accompanying your desired transformations for growth, delight, and the value of being you in this world. With the inherent knowing that you are welcome."

I have always had a desire for learning and growth, which has brought me far into the world of understanding who and how we are as humans. I worked for 15 years in the humanitarian field, travelling far and wide (Chad, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan), implementing social and health programming for children. This brought my passion for caring for others and organisational capacity-building together, and I thrived on the sense of adventure, discovery, and complexity experienced. My sense of global/meta understanding and the intersectionality of how we interact was expanded and grew my curiosity about human nature and our interconnectedness.

My experience in the humanitarian field, is also directly related to my personal development journey, which started with a year-long burnout in 2015, that not-so-gently invited me into a world of self-knowledge and self-compassion.

Starting with psychotherapy, I began to understand that I am an individual human being, and that I am allowed to exist, fully and wholly in who I am. This, however, was insufficient for me to understand and actually live the life I wanted in relationship with others, it was missing fundamental relational pieces that I so craved. So, I went looking! And landed in workshops about Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and Resonant Language – which allowed me to connect to my energy of life (needs-based living), creating space for the importance of needs, and an ever-expansive desire to bring this into my relational world.

Since 2019, I have spent over 1500 hours in experiential and in-depth learning about NVC, IPNB, polyvagal theory and trauma work – primarily through Resonant language (thank you Jaya Manske and Sarah Peyton) and NVC (Thank you Josée Mayrand and Spiralis). I am clearly dedicated to my expansion/evolution journey, which brings me gently closer to my own ever-growing presence in my accompaniment work.

For me, there is no difference between the person accompanying someone during seasons of their journey and the person I am myself becoming. In other words, accompaniment is the relational field of our work together. I am dedicated to bringing presence to the journey and the parts woven together in accompaniment.

I am a spectrum thinker, a systems connector and a complex and mysterious human being. I enjoy and thrive in connecting to the complexity of situations, cultures, systemic issues, epigenetics, and the intersectionality of patriarchy and collective trauma.

I am able to quickly grasp and connect to multiple and complex thought processes. I believe we are mysterious and wonderfully complex humans, that need understanding; with brains, hearts, and bodies that want to be understood and seen in our fullest expression. Sometimes that fullest expression can seem confusing, or scary, or even unwanted in a world that prefers (and has only created space for) simplicity. Discovering our own inherent beauty and fullness is a natural desire. One that I encourage, connect with, and hope to hold space for in accompaniment with others.

My sense of leadership, accompaniment, and coaching comes with the essential basics of warmth and caring, for the individual and for the whole. My personal area of interest and growth is on the life-giving aspects of feminism, queer expression, body-acceptance, anti-shame movements, and deconstruction of patriarchal constructs.

My way of engaging and navigating with others is through this relational space. Creating a trusting relational space that is held for you, to be seen and known in what you are experiencing. In the simplest terms, I enjoy being present with people. Presence that includes:

  • powerful reflections – to see you as you are
  • deep reflections – to connect with the multitude of feelings and experiences you have
  • an experience of a sense of gentleness and awe – valuing, esteeming, and celebrating the exact person you are.

To be with you in your existence with welcome and tenderness.

“I find joy and delight in accompanying others in their self-discoveries, desires, and relationships. I find a lot of meaning in “not journeying alone” and the understanding that we are not, and were never meant to go alone through life. My way of engaging and navigating with others is through this relational space. Creating a trusting relational space that is held for you, to be seen and known in what you are experiencing. I offer 1-on-1 coaching and group themed conferences and trainings - both in-person and via zoom - based on the fundamental values of the work are about integrity, sense-making, compassion, freedom and relationality.”

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It is only after it is liberated that the self begins to be articulate, to grow, and to develop its creativity. THIS IS NOT A HOMECOMING, since this home has never before existed. It is the creation of home. ~Alice Miller

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