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Julia Shen portrait

Julia Shen 沈近嘉

Conflict is an invitation to connections
Speaks English, Mandarin
Certified Trainer since 2022
"When we cultivate even a small amount of self-compassion, the entire universe receives love, care, and peace."

A Life-Changing Discovery

In my early forties, I never anticipated a personal challenge would lead me to become a communication trainer, nor did I know such a role existed.

Facing emotional turmoil in family relationships, I paused and reflected on my life, unveiling deep emotions of loss, anxiety, and fear. I realized I’d been immersed in daily routines without exploring life’s true meaning, and the thought of life being potentially meaningless frightened me.

That’s when I discovered Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. I started participating in, and later facilitating, NVC book clubs.

The Power of Empathy

The concept of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) intrigued me, but my initial attempts were challenging. To further explore NVC, I attended an International Intensive Training (IIT), a nine-day residential NVC training experience, where people from around the world gathered.

At the IIT, I was amazed to discover that people could communicate in such a way that we felt comfortable sharing our deepest emotions without fear of judgment. I also experienced the true power of empathy, moving beyond intellectual understanding to genuinely feeling its impact.

Receiving empathy shifted my perspective; I no longer wanted to fix other people’s problems or blame others (or the world) for my suffering. Instead, I learnt to (and am still learning to) empathize with others and understand their feelings, as well as express my honesty with vulnerability and courage.

A Journey Beyond Personal Growth

After the IIT, I pursued further training from Certified Trainers around the world, and eventually became a Certified Trainer. I’ve been offering workshops for individuals, families, schools, and organizations, sharing my NVC learnings through Space for Heart, social media, one-to-one coaching, etc.

As I delved deeper into NVC, I encountered profound inner experiences that transformed not only my personal beliefs but also my understanding of our relationships with one another. I began to appreciate the interconnectedness of all living beings, realizing that by healing our personal and collective traumas, we can create a space for genuine empathy and compassion.

I imagine a world where everyone communicates with compassion and authenticity. In such a world, conflicts would decrease, and when they did arise, empathy and honesty would guide us toward reconciliation. With NVC, we could create a new world where everyone’s needs are acknowledged and respected.

We can finally meet in the field beyond right and wrong.

A Guide and Companion in the Wilderness of the Mind

I believe that each of us is born with NVC (also known as the “Language of Life”), and we just need to unlearn the life-alienating languages that we picked up along the way. I’d like to serve as a guide and companion on the journey to facilitate the discovery and connection with our inner wisdom.

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In my view, unhappiness stems not from the thoughts that arise in our minds, but from our inability to be aware of, understand, and process them. For individuals seeking personal growth or organizations aiming for effective collaboration, our shared journey focuses on cultivating a deeper sense of awareness. Together, we strive to comprehend the underlying messages life sends through our thoughts, approaching them with self-compassion and understanding.
“Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth together. Contact me to explore how I can support you in cultivating awareness, compassion, and understanding in your life, or provide effective NVC training for your organization to foster collaboration and communication skills among your team.”

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