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Judy Bleil-Saruhan portrait

Judy Bleil-Saruhan

Speaks English, Turkish
Certified Trainer since 2016
"I am passionate about learning and sharing Nonviolent Communication to improve wellbeing, bring awareness to core values, and empower individuals to communicate in ways that strengthen relationships and enrich lives, especially in education and parenting."

In her 15 years of experience with Nonviolent Communication, Judy has had the opportunity to experience the universality of NVC by working with and learning from trainers and participants from approximately 45 countries. She is currently one of 11 CNVC Certified Trainers in Turkiye.

While Judy offers workshops in English and Turkish to organizations, schools, parents and private groups, she also leads yearlong, deepening and leadership programs for individuals interested in developing their skills and those considering becoming certified trainers. She also enjoys providing private 1-on-1 empathy sessions and empathic coaching to individuals who are looking for support, clarity, self-connection and concrete ways to make progress towards what matters to them most.

In addition, Judy is on the Board of the Nonviolent Communication Association (Şiddetsiz Iletişim Derneği aka Si-Der) in Turkey and is primarily focused on projects related to NVC in Education. Since 2016, she has been a presenter, guest speaker or  workshop leader for a variety of educational conferences. As a mother, she finds meaning in sharing NVC with parents and since 2017 has been offering the program “Heart Full Parenting,” which she co-created with Gizem Alav Şapçı, to families and adults working with children.

As an artist, she brought her passion for art to living and sharing NVC together and worked with Hulya Tosun to develop “NVC with Art” and “Begin Where You Are” workshops. Continuing with her love of collaborating, creating and supporting NVC in Turkey, in 2020 she got together with Vivet Alevi and Deniz Spatar to develop and co-lead the first “Mentoring Program” in Turkey. The last two years she has been enjoying the evolution of “LIPRO,” a yearlong leadership program that she and Vivet Alevi have been developing and offering focusing on how to be leaders for change and support the transfer of NVC consciousness into systems.

Judy also enjoys working with trainers around the world to enrich NVC in Turkey. For example, she initiated having John Kinyon, Roxy Manning and Kit Miller as guest trainers for “LIPRO.” She collaborated with Sura Hart and colleagues in Turkey to realize the Turkish version of “The No Fault Zone” game; with Jean Morrison to offer “Grok-it” in Turkish; as well as, with Francois Beausoleil to share “The Blame Free State” and Yoram Mozenson to share “Radical Honesty” in Turkey. 

Judy was born and raised in the USA and has been living in Turkiye for over 30 years. She is married and has raised her son and daughter in Istanbul. Prior to NVC, Judy worked in the areas of education as well as in quality consulting and textiles. Instagram: judysaruhan

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