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Jeff Brown portrait

Jeff Brown

Following my heart, trusting my gut, and using critical thinking to create authenticity and beauty.
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2005

By addressing the underlying causes of the culture wars, Jeff Brown designs solutions that help everyone get their needs met peacefully. As a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2005, Jeff has led more than 800 days of training in thirty U.S. states and ten countries, including South Korea, Japan, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, New Zealand, and the U.K.

From 2009 to 2015, he served as the executive director for the Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio, a Columbus-based nonprofit organization. In 2020, he joined the staff of the Center for Nonviolent Communication initially as Operations Director, and in July 2021, as Executive Director.

One of Jeff's favorite methods for learning and practicing Nonviolent Communication is the NVC Dance Floors as developed by Bridget Belgrave and Gina Lawrie, which are especially helpful for people with kinesthetic and spatially-oriented learning styles. The Dance Floors are spatial maps made up of large cards that place NVC processes on the floor in various layouts called "dances" where the person practicing physically moves from one card to another in a "dance of communication."

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As a cultural architect, I am stitching together a polarized world so that everyone can thrive.

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