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Ines Rein Dalmases Portrait

Ines Rein Dalmases

Licenciada en periodismo. Máster en derechos humanos y acción internacional.
"Los avances colectivos suceden en el marco de relaciones y vínculos fuertes"
Speaks Catalan, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2024

I discovered the NVC in 2017 in Colombia, where I was working in the field of human rights and peacebuilding, at a time when I was accumulating several discontents with social and political work. NVC gave me back the hope of believing that another world is possible and of committing to live more deliberately to create it, which means a dose of meaning, joy, purpose, and vitality that are fundamental in my life. At the same time, it helped me understand our human complexity from a place of compassion.

 The NVC has also opened me to Nonviolence, as a thought and spiritual practice, with the desire to integrate that perspective into my path of personal transformation and as part of strategies for social change. I believe social change requires a paradigm shift and collective action. It is very difficult to propose to change the way we function collectively, without changing the values, beliefs and relational habits with which we have grown.

NVC gives us the tools to relate to collaborative models that promote our collective power. I believe that the challenges that we have to face as a society are huge, and it will be very difficult to do so if it is not from the possibility of living our interdependence.

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