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Bilge Yenidağ Aksoy Portrait

Bilge Yenidağ Aksoy

Speaks Turkish
Certified Trainer since 2024

In the world I dream of, I imagine a place where people find their inner peace and live in tranquility. I believe this would create more understanding and compassionate spaces with all living things in the world.

While trying to get closer to this dream, the method that served me best was Nonviolent Communication. In my practice, I support individuals and organizations by using the guidelines of Nonviolent Communication.

I offer empathic coaching to help people become more connected to themselves and increase their inner peace. I also support clients who wish to do so on this journey with Family Constellation studies.

With the awareness of Nonviolent Communication, I experienced how one person's strong empathic skills can change the working environment within the organization. I strongly believe this creates an honest connection between the person and the organization. This connection creates a positive impact on efficiency and productivity.

Part of my vision is to provide training to spread this experience in communities that come together for a certain purpose (institutions, foundations, associations, schools, etc.) I offer training to people in working life and support them with empathetic coaching meetings.

On the other hand, my interest in alternative education methods, which started with the question "education is everything, but what kind of education?", introduced me to Waldorf pedagogy at the early 2000. Since then, I have been working towards the recognition and development of Waldorf pedagogy. Supporting Waldorf groups and teachers is my another passion in educating people.

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