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Helena Kurzweilová portrait

Helena Kurzweilová

Speaks English, Czech
Certified Trainer since 2021
"For me, NVC is a way to my true self, my real home, where I find my own authenticity. From this place I meet other people."

My First Connection with NVC

My first connection with NVC happened in 2012 when I bought Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life. Reading this book I had an impression that its words bubbled up directly from my heart. I experienced very strong resonation. It helped me to turn into my body and start to listen to it.

I quickly discovered that although all of this resonated deeply with me, I couldn’t put it into practice.

The next step of getting acquainted with NVC was my first International Intensive Training (IIT) in 2013. This sparked a determination in me to embody new habits.

On my return, I started sharing my understanding of NVC with friends and gradually with people who were interested in communication. Based on my experience, I gradually created a basic NVC course and opened a space for a training group.

How My Intention was Borne

In 2015, I had the rare opportunity to be at the birth of the Donum Felix Democratic School, supporting its founders, guides, and parents and children with my skills. I was helping them understand the principles of NVC in workshops, community meetings, and mediating conflicts.

At the same time, I was learning especially from the children how to communicate in a truly nonviolent way. In the children, I found quite natural teachers of honesty and grateful recipients of empathy. This gradually shaped my intention to help the next generation of children grow up in a respectful environment and develop habits that facilitate cooperation, personal responsibility, and mutual respect for other people and our planet.

Currently, I support adults in the communities around emerging democratic schools and kindergartens that are built on collaborative and respectful relationships with children and adults. This collaboration takes many forms, from NVC workshops for teachers and parents, to conflict mediation, to facilitation of school community meetings. Together, we explore the life within us and the possibilities of being together in honesty and respect.

It is my current contribution to social change in education. My intention is to promote positive changes in this area that will allow children to use their time in school to deepen their self-awareness, to deepen their self-confidence, and to learn more about who they are.

My Work in General

I work as a coach, mediator, and facilitator. I lead NVC workshops not only for democratic schools but also for the public. I meet people in person and online.

I offer my abilities to others, and I am fortunate that others allow me a glimpse into their inner worlds. I am deeply grateful for this because it allows me to experience inspiring insights, adventures of discovery, deep human honesty, closeness, and all the colors of life.

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My mission is to support people in finding themselves, their inner strength, truth, and love. I believe that a person who is self-aware and trusts the life within can create meaningful and nourished relationships where there is safety and understanding for all. Out of connection with oneself is born care for oneself, for others, and for our planet as our common home.

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