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Glyn Conlon

Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2013
"I’m in awe of when two people have the courage to come together and want to talk despite differences and sometimes thinking that there is no use meeting again. They are brave enough to show up and try."

Glyn has 20 years experience in the personal development field and is an Internationally Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (Compassionate Communication), Workplace and Assessment trainer, Personal Fitness and Nutrition trainer and Nationally accredited Mediator (NMAS) and NVC Mediator.

Glyn’s passion for how we traditionally communicate and understanding different cultures has led to working with Corporate leaders in private and group coaching. Glyn uses a practical, simple, learnable and powerfully transformative communication model to apply in any interaction – business, family or friends. She has used this technique herself and empowered clients, to overcome hurdles in business, raising teenagers and divorce.

Supported Conversations

What happens in a supported conversation? Mediation has many forms, techniques and applications. Some forms include methods where parties are directed and advised towards solutions. Other forms include supporting party driven choices – (rather than lawyer based) and recognition of each other’s needs and interests.

Glyn welcomes you to walk in with openness and creates a safe environment without judgement. The training and experience Glyn has with Compassionate Communication style of Mediation fits within the mode of transformative Mediation where there is no pressure to come up with solutions. Space is provided for them to surface naturally as connection and mutual understanding is created.

Often when we talk with each other about things that are important and sometimes; painful, it seems like we can do it on our own and it should be simple, although, without skills, we rarely have the experience of feeling fully heard or understood. To have the experience of feeling sufficiently heard and understood is one of the most important contributing factors to clear and respectful communication and does not require us to agree with each other.

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I envision a country within a world with a community where we value individuals’ contribution with respect and care. An emphasis on family — whatever form it takes.
“I look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions any time.”

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