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Gina Cenciose portrait

Gina Siluwa Cenciose

Joanna Macy’s WTR Facilitator | Scott Peck’s Community Building Facilitator | Focusing Guide Mentor and Coordinator
Personal and Social Transformation
Speaks English, French
Certified Trainer since 2004
"Learning to live deep interpersonal and social change and engaging with life from the wholeness of being intensely alive."

I have been deeply involved in social change for over forty years. I am passionate about investigation into how we can live better as interdependent beings on this planet. I have deep personal experience in my family with lots of violence and mental illness, and that started my passion for living differently — as a young teenager living on the streets. I have co-created and led different social change programs with different approaches, and am still learning how to create favorable conditions for personal and social healing.

Healing trauma is an area I focus on personally, with individuals and groups. I am a Focusing teacher and coordinator, with nature-based approaches, teaching Joanna Macy’s “Work That Reconnects,” and Scott Peck’s community-building circles. I have co-created prison projects, empathy symposiums, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) family camps, and founded a community-based group called Living Empathy.

I have worked in family-based, faith-based, and work-based systems, with an aim to contribute a more humanistic and life-sustaining way to live. I have trained and accredited individuals in NVC with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), as well as in Focusing with the Focusing Institute. Restorative approaches are a major part of my focus and work.

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  • Business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
  • Social Change
I thoroughly enjoy going deeply into our beliefs, traumas, assumptions, and power dynamics, as individuals but especially with groups of all kinds. Developing our latent talents and learning what works is my main focus, personally and with others.
“If deep living into layers of yourself and systemic change is a passion for you, we have that in common.”

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