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Fabio Comacchio portrait

Fabio Comacchio

Consultant, Coach, Mediator
Helping people get well to work better
Speaks Italian
Certified Trainer since 2020
"Learning and growing with satisfaction by accompanying people and organisations on a journey of seeing and valuing what is special in us."

I am grateful to have known Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which has helped me personally and with my family, and to find a new way of doing my job as a consultant. This brings me harmony, serenity, and joy. I can find satisfaction in what I do and how I do it, joy in sharing as a trainer and mentor, and serenity in seeing that things can be transformed.


I listen, and together we identify the needs of the affected areas both as a person and as a structure. I accompany you on a path of awareness and transformation of habits, aimed at improving you quality of life, which will help you work better.


I like to take it one step at a time by building something that lasts and gives us satisfaction — breaking the system as it is proposed to us to build something that makes sense. I see that it can be done, and I see the fantastic results. I see the difficulty of investing in it; alone, it is hard.


Working in my well-known field of organisations and companies, I have encountered frustrated people at both managerial and employee levels. I would like to bring, to those interested, the possibility of transforming and improving the well-being of people, helping everyone work better together.

“I started as a consultant in 1998, and since then I have brought passion and enthusiasm to my work with people. Today, my passion for NVC allows me to multiply potential, in both people and organisations, by helping motivate people who have the ability to improve, but often do not know how to do so, or have lost the drive and enthusiasm.”

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“I have learnt that alone I struggle and sometimes get tired. I would love to increase my network with people who share and support NVC. Let’s get in touch. :)”

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