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Éva Ruczek Portrait

Éva Ruczek

After obtaining my medical degree, I studied behavioral medicine at the Institute of Behavioral Sciences of Semmelweis University
Where your attention is, there is your world.
Speaks English, Hungarian
Certified Trainer since 2024
"Feel your feelings, and embrace them, hold them while they can guide you to your needs. It is ok to feel your feelings and to take care of your needs! If you do neglect your feeling you will feel your body."

I feel great gratitude for meeting Marshall in 1996. At that time I was working at Semmelweis University in Budapest, facilitating workshops on medical psychology, and being a single mother of a half hungarian half ghanaian girl. The Marshall NVC process helped me to transform some of my knowledge into practice. I slowly started to recognize that empathy is not a concept, not a theory, but a presence. 

To be present for me and to be present for what it is, to be present for another being and a radical acceptance of what it is. Since then I followed NVC or NVC followed me, but sure it became part of my life. It became the base of my professional activities and also of my private life.

Being a single mother supported me to raise my daughter hopefully in a healthy way, which means integrity of body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. As I see social changes for me start with me, with my own integrity, with my own inner peace. I like to meet people in one on one situation and also in small groups.

Topics that often show up in those meetings:

  • Connection with a partner
  • Connection with a child
  • Connection with an illness
  • Connection with celebration and gratitude or with other words: Be aware of what you have
  • Connection with grief and connection with intimacy and sexuality

I have a great curiosity about what we can do together to create a joyful life, a satisfying, fulfilling connection within and without, so how to stay curious and patient.

“My mission right now is to share my knowledge and experience of NVC. I am open to discover unknown places in me and you.”

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Never do anything that isn't play. Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg
“What you really need, if I may point out, is the capacity to observe and to listen; Just to observe and to listen, without any muttering of your own like and dislike. You know, to do this you have to pay attention, and the learning of this is attention. And in this is a great deal of fun, much more than you realize. It is fun that comes of itself and that is real. The other kind fades away. Krishnamurti”

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