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Emilie Chapuis Portrait

Emilie Chapuis

Speaks French
Certified Trainer since 2024

As a consultant, trainer and therapist, I'm passionate about helping to (re)create a society based on connection, emotional security and freedom of being for everyone. Since childhood, I've had a fascination and fear for the power of systemic effects on individuals. The 'rules of the game' are sometimes spoken and sometimes unspoken. Very often they generate implicit violence.

That's why I first explored group dynamics (philosophy and political science, social psychology, journalism), collective intelligence and co-creation (creative problem solving, consulting) and ways to collectively define the distribution of power (holacracy, liberated companies). My encounter with NVC in 2017 made me aware that, very often, in my work to bring more tenderness and security into the world, I was in the process of denying my own needs.

From then on, NVC allowed me to step out of the 'compulsive caregiver syndrome' (so common among 'parentified children').
I am learning to take care of "me first and only", as MR used to say.
Rather than automatic empathy, practice authentic expression.
The difference between giving and self-sacrifice,
The difference between responsibility and over-responsibility,
To encourage me to feel free to be who I am
And to be fair to me, not only to others...
This is my personal path!

I've been involved in the metamorphosis of the Francophone certification program for the last four years.

This experience of the transformation of a collective organization by means of NVC and Holacracy, in conjunction with our "sources" in the Francophone world (in particular Anne Bourrit), has been my main NVC school.

Today, I'd like to continue with projects that help to spread non-violent awareness, and with organisations that limit systemic violence.

I'm aware that this project is like the horizon: impossible to reach; it recedes as we move forward! But I'm enjoying this journey with the friends I've met along the way and with the support I often need. That chain of friends allows me to confront the way people and systems maintain trauma instead of safe relations.

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