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Donal Gannon portrait

Donal Gannon

B.E., Civil and Structural Engineering
Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant, Mediator, Coach, Community Systems Developer
Speaks English, French, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2017
"A catalyst for personal, relational, and cultural transformation, striving to take steps towards a world that works for all."

Supporting you to move toward the life you wish to live,
I create spaces to deeply connect, learn and play:
to go beyond a world of struggling to survive,
into one in which we come alive and thrive.

Since 2003, I have been traveling extensively, providing training, facilitation, consultancy, system building, mediation, and coaching to individuals, couples, and groups of all shapes and sizes (families, teams, organisations, communities).

In these, I use an extensive tool kit from various modalities to develop skills in conscious communication, effective collaboration, authentic relating, community and team building, shared leadership, cultural transformation, and personal and relational healing.

I learnt many of these modalities — Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Sociocracy, Forum, Restorative Circles and Systems Building — whilst living in various intentional communities. I noticed the communities that had implemented these were functioning better than those which hadn’t. So I began teaching them at those communities that were struggling without them.

A similar pattern emerged with individuals and couples. As I gained more expertise and skills in supportive practices, I started coaching, mediating, and offering consultation. As I continued to receive requests for support and training, my own hunger to deepen my understanding of these tools and to learn new complementary skills magnified. At many points, I was spending months of almost back-to-back trainings and transformational events (either offering or receiving). I think I inherited this capacity (and addiction) from my mum!

And so, I became a bumblebee — cross-pollinating from one corner of the world to the other, working with thousands of individuals, people in relationships, and groups. They are my teachers and my students — sometimes deliberately; more often, not. And in them all, I continuously discover similar struggles, patterns, longings and unconscious systems in operation.

And so, the remedy is almost always the same — to slow down, bring awareness to harmful patterns of interaction, create enough space to breathe and notice what’s really going on, inside ourselves, in relation to each other, and in the systems within which we operate. And from there, we can make conscious choices about how to act in more connected and effective ways.

It is such a joy to witness the results, to revisit a client or a friend whom I’ve coached, a participant from a training, or a group with whom I helped resolve a conflict and build new response systems … and to see the smiling faces, hear the stories of rekindled hope, regained trust, renewed enthusiasm for life … the depth of healing, the lasting transformation … people really thriving. I know it’s possible, because I’m seeing it, I’m doing it, I’m sharing it. I want to share it with you — with everyone who also wants to co-create a more beautiful world that works better for everyone.

"Donal is the most dynamic & dedicated facilitator I have ever been with."

- Goiatz Arriz -


“Donal’s facilitation was top class, he exhibits mastery over the material, really displaying an authenticity that I found helped me to access the material.”

- David Patterson -


"You brought NVC to me and it was nothing short of saving my life." 

- Yaga Sendur - 


"I attended a 2 day foundation training with Donal and couldn’t recommend him more! Compassionate and wise facilitator who obviously not only teaches but lives NVC and conveys it beautifully!" 

- Ida Blazek -

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