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Dalia Verbyle portrait

Dalia Verbyle

Speaks English, Russian
Certified Trainer since 2022

Dalia is from Kaunas, Lithuania. Educational background: BA in medicine, BA in Music, MA in Catechetics, MA in Religious Education, Certificate of Advanced Educational Specialization and Ph.D. in Education on "Spirituality and the possible ways of its development at university. “  She worked in Religious and Public Education, including international projects, partners, and networks. In 2017, Dalia discovered Nonviolent Communication and began the path of becoming a Certified Trainer and worked with NVC projects in Lithuania until now.

At that time, Dalia was exhausted from my intensive academic work and was longing for some joy and peace in life. I have found NVC takes me to the place I want to be: being aware of my reactive thinking, being present, connected to my feelings, needs, to my core of being, the source of life I call God. I also discovered that empathy for myself and others, honest self-expression, and making clear requests make my relationships more enjoyable and mutual. And my passion is to share this with others by contributing to a more conscious life. 

Dalia's areas of interest:

NVC Spirituality, personal relationships based on compassion and its power, sharing NVC and building NVC community in Lithuania; preparing NVC material and tools.

What I am doing now with NVC:

  • Organizing NVC introductory and deepening seminars for educators,
  • Pastoral and social workers, parents, women, and religious sisters; organizing groups in person and online;
  • Consulting individuals; preparing and distributing NVC material and tools; co-operating with CNVC CTs and NVC Trainers from other countries and here, in Lithuania.

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