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Jared Finkelstein

Now Deceased

Jared Finkelstein

In a connected world, the most essential thing is the quality of our connection.
United States
Certified Trainer from 2013 to 2023

Message from CNVC

Jared inspired many people with his presence, generosity of spirit, playfulness, and compassion. He continues to live in our hearts. Jared passed away on 18-Feb-2023.

Trainer's profile

Jared Finkelstein is a consultant and trainer who works with schools, families, teachers, parents and organizations whose missions are to contribute positively to the development of young people.  

In his years as an educator Jared has worked with people of all ages, facilitating hands on experiential learning projects that foster high-quality relationships, supportive positive work environments, and effective collaboration among participants.


Jared offers facilitated workshops, in-service days, residential retreats and practice groups – these trainings are effective ways for participants to learn to increase their capacity to improve the relationships in their lives


Jared can support you to reimagine the way you operationalize your school, home, office, or organization – these strategic adjustments to the culture of your community can increase productivity and good will.

NVC Educators Institute

Jared Finkelstein is a Facilitator for the Nonviolent Communication Educators institute an organization that imagines our schools and classrooms as places where young people, our future leaders, learn the skills necessary to create organizations, businesses, governments, and a world where everyone’s needs matter and can be met.

Family H.E.A.R.T. Camp

Jared Finkelstein is a Board Member, Organizing Host, and Program Coordinator for Family H.E.A.R.T. Camp, an organization that governs itself Sociocratically and is dedicated to a vision of a world where people of all ages cooperate interdependently and experience safety, trust, and respect in every relationship.

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