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Darcy Lockhart portrait

Darcy Lockhart

Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2023
"To live in the fullness and mutually sustaining abundance of our natural interdependence with all beings."

Hello – I’m Darcy Lockhart. I live in Juneau, Alaska. I am the northernmost CNVC certified trainer in the U.S. I have lived in Alaska most of my life. I was inspired to take my first NVC workshop in 2011 by wanting a way to communicate more effectively with family members. Because changing our life long communication habits is challenging, after taking a NVC workshop, I formed a practice group to keep learning and practicing with friends.

I have coordinated workshops for NVC trainers and facilitated practice groups continuously for the past 12 years. People from all walks of life have attended these groups, gained communication skills and it’s positively influenced how they interact with their families, colleagues, clients, patients, students and the public. The ripples of compassionate communication have transformed people’s lives. This is why I so enjoy teaching NVC!

Complimentary to my NVC training is my 20 year+ experience life coaching based on positive psychology and as a healing touch practitioner. I have been an active member of a meditation group focused on spiritual healing for 20 years. I enjoy reading, painting, wool felting, creative writing, walking my Labrador retriever and sharing time with my family and friends. I am a retired community planner for communities in the Aleutian Islands, Pribilof Islands and southwest and northern Alaska and most recently the grant administrator/writer for our local hospital.

“People interest me. I’m a middle child so I’ve naturally been intrigued by what works and what doesn’t in communicating with others – siblings, spouses, children, relatives, strangers, and colleagues. As a long time Alaskan, I have lived with a small town neighborliness that “Other People Matter”. So when I discovered NVC in 2011, I had a new shiny and very useful tool in my “how to get along with others” toolbox. I have been dedicated ever since to helping people connect with what’s important to them and to teach them how to compassionately express it and to be curious and attentive to the same in others.”

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