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Daniela Jehn portrait

Daniela Jehn

Living Connection
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2019
"The most important hour is always the present, the most important person is always the one who is facing you right now; The most important deed is always love, Meister Eckhart"

I work part-time as a "Montessori teacher," and one of our goals is to preserve the uniqueness of every human and to accompany them in a free, internally controlled

development. In my work as a trainer, as well as in my family life, NVC and this vision permeate my life.

I like to lead basic workshops, exercise groups, ongoing annual trainings and accompany people in their individual processes. At deepening days, I offer exciting topics for myself, such as shame, empowerment or "NVC and improv theatre". I am involved in the regional trainer network Allgäu.

For me, NVC is also a spiritual path and I am inspired by Susanne and Michael Kraft, Robert Gonzales and Tara Brach....and I include more and more "Living compassion" in my work. Once a month I facilitate the practice circle of "Living compassion" with Martha Giardina.

Since I believe that a significant part of social change is due to many small steps inside us and between people, I try to contribute to it in my various fields of activity.

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I prefere connection than perfection!
“Happy connecting with you at one of my events, Daniela”

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